Mulūkhīya Soup Made With All-Purpose Korean Flavouring

Mulūkhīya Soup Made With All-Purpose Korean Flavouring

This is a thick and spicy miso soup. If you prepare the Korean-style (chili and vinegar) sauce ahead of time, you can quickly make this soup anytime.

Ingredients: 2 servings

450 ml
◎All-purpose Korean flavouring (Recipe ID: 1522567)
1 tablespoon
2 teaspoons
Black pepper
to taste
1/3-1/2 bunch
Japanese leek
1/3 length
Shimeji mushrooms
1/3 pack (60 g)
Bean sprouts
70-80 g (1 handful)


1. Prepare the ingredients by parboiling the mulūkhīya, thinly slicing the leek diagonally and cutting the shimeji mushrooms in half. Set aside.
2. Boil the water in a saucepan and add the ingredients marked with . Add the vegetables and once the saucepan comes to a boil again, turn off the heat after about 1 minute. It's finished.
3. [How to make a hot pot:] I also recommend using this soup for a spicy boiled gyoza hot pot with lots of vegetables.

Story Behind this Recipe

If you keep a stock of the sauce, you can refrigerate it and use it to easily make soups, kimchi or stir-fry, while also using up left-over vegetables. I have been using Wei-pa soup base paste since I became a housewife 30 years ago. When I first started using it, it was a magic seasoning only available behind the counter at a certain high-end supermarket in Kobe.