Milky White Yakuzen Medicinal Hot Pot

Milky White Yakuzen Medicinal Hot Pot

The more the effort, the more the satisfaction awaits you.
The milky white broth is the main feature of this yakuzen medicinal hot pot.

Ingredients: 1 person hot pot

For the chicken stock:
Chicken bones
500 g
Japanese leek (green stalk)
1 leek's worth
Celery leaves
1 stalk's worth
1 small knob
1 clove
100 ml
Medicinal ingredients:
Asian ginseng
to taste
Goji berries
to taste
For the hot pot:
Nibandashi (second dashi)
100 ml
Thinly sliced pork belly
100 g
Japanese leek
Shiitake mushrooms
Burdock root
10 cm
as much as you like
to taste


1. Thoroughly rinse the chicken bones.
2. Soak in water to remove the blood from the bones.
3. Prepare your choice of flavor-adding vegetables.
4. Boil vigorously over high heat. Carefully skim off any scum. Do not cover with a lid.
5. This is how it should look after about an hour. The color and taste should still be light.
6. Here it is after 3 hours. If you boil it longer, the taste will be richer and sweeter, and the soup will turn golden, but the flavor of the chicken broth will also be more pronounced.
7. Strain the broth and discard the bones and flavor adding vegetables.
8. Take a break to enjoy a simple cup of broth seasoned with salt and pepper, and garnished with the shredded white stalk of Japanese leeks, and green onions.
9. Prepare your favorite medicinal herbs.
10. Rehydrate the Asian ginseng and jujubes in water to soften.
11. Mince a separate portion of jujubes and place them in an empty tea bag. This will add a strong sweet flavor.
12. Keep the ingredients to a minimum amount. For example, simply add pork belly and grilled Japanese leeks.
13. First add the medicinal herbs with the soaking liquid, the niban dashi, and burdock, and bring to a boil.
14. Then add the pork belly, shiitake mushrooms, and grilled onion to finish. Do not boil the scallions.
15. Serve it with yuzu ponzu sauce with a slice of sudachi citrus for added delight.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a yakuzen medicinal hot pot that would detoxify my body to the core.