The Most Delicious Fried Chicken

The Most Delicious Fried Chicken

Chicken karaage revolution!
Don't season! Don't use frying powder! Only three ingredients! Very quick!
Amazing how delicious this is!


Chicken thigh meat
1, or however much you like
as needed (enough to cover all)
Seasoned salt and pepper
as needed (a generous amount)


1. Cut the chicken into thin pieces (about 5 mm). If your knife isn't cutting well, cool slightly in the freezer.
2. Apply the katakuriko to both sides of the chicken. You can put it in a plastic bag and apply by shaking.
3. Cook in oil that's a little hotter than usual for fried foods. Drain, and use a tiny amount of salt and pepper and it's complete!!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was taught this at a divine yakitori restaurant.
Bring out the natural deliciousness of chicken simply at home.
Once you eat this you'll be addicted!! My husband said it didn't need any seasoning, it was the best!