Marinated Tomato with Shio-koji

Marinated Tomato with Shio-koji

It becomes sweeter than your regular chilled tomatoes This is an essential recipe for tomato lovers. Just let the whole tomato marinate in all-purpose Shio-koji!

Ingredients: 4 small tomatoes

Shio-koji tomato
4 small (80g-100 g a piece)
1.5-2 tablespoons (10% of weight of tomato)
Olive oil
as needed
Black pepper
to taste


1. How to peel the skin A: For smaller amounts: Insert a fork on the stem side of the tomato and rotate over the gas stove. Wait until the skin breaks (its OK if the skin has slight burns). It should take about 20 seconds.
2. How to peel the skin B: Cut out the entire stem area and place the tomatoes in plenty of boiling water for 15~30 seconds. Strain the tomatoes once the skin breaks.
3. After you've peeled the skin off with either method from Step 1 or 2, immediately peel the tomato under running or ice cold water.
4. Put the tomato from Step 3 into a freezer bag and add the Shio-koji. Leave in the refrigerator for about 1/2 day to a whole day.
5. Plating: For people who don't like the Shio-koji left on the tomato, wipe off the salt and cut into rounds (4 slices) and stack the slices into original shape. Drizzle olive oil from the top.

Story Behind this Recipe

I marinated a whole cooked tomato in Shio-koji.