Wiener Sausage Bears for Bento

Wiener Sausage Bears for Bento

These are easy-to-make sausage bears. Any bento becomes cute with one of these in it.

Ingredients: 1 bear

Wiener sausage (I recommend using a skinless type)
Sliced cheese
a small amount
Nori seaweed
a small amount
Deep fried pasta (spaghetti)
a small amount
a small amount


1. Put the sausages in boiling water and cook. Cut them down to the height of the bento box. The bits in front will be used for the ears.
2. Cut the ears out of 5 mm thick pieces of sausage. (I used a cutter bought at a 100 yen shop.)
3. Deep fry the pasta. Cut a piece of long pasta into pieces, and deep fry until light brown in a little oil. Drain off excess oil.
4. Stick the ears on pieces of pasta.
5. Make small holes in the main sausage pieces with a piece of leftover pasta, and stick the ears in the holes.
6. Cut out the eyes and nose out of the nori seaweed using a nori punch. Cut the oval shaped mouth out of the cheese using a toothpick. Stick the nori and cheese on the sausage using mayonnaise as glue.

Story Behind this Recipe

I make this all the time to decorate my kids' bento.