☆Sweet Potato Dessert☆

☆Sweet Potato Dessert☆

★★★This recipe was included in COOKPAD's "Hall of Fame"★★★
This is an exquisite sweet potato dessert, which has sweet and rich flavour♪♪

Ingredients: 30 ~ 40 bite-sized pieces

Sweet potato
1 large (500 g)
Heavy cream
70 ml
70 g
30 g
Vanilla oil
a few drops
Egg yolk
Egg yolk (for glazing)


1. Use 1 large sweet potato. It's about 450 ~ 500 g*
2. Cut into 1 cm thick semicircular slices, and boil with enough water to cover it♪
3. Cook until a bamboo skewer can go through.
4. Discard the water♪
5. Mash in the same pot until it reaches your desired consistency♪ Please evaporate the water well at this point (Please strain if you like♪)
6. Add butter, sugar, and heavy cream in that order, and turn on the heat to low. Mix and lightly evaporate the water♪
7. Turn off the heat. Ad the egg yolk and vanilla oil, then mix well♪
8. When it has cooled, form into shapes♪
9. Form into balls, and brush with egg yolk mixture for glazing♪
10. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 200℃, and it's done*
11. This is perfect for kids' snack*

Story Behind this Recipe

My family has been eating this rich sweet potato dessert for a while*