Melon Bowl

Melon Bowl

This is an easy way to serve dessert. How about making it as a gift? It's easy, yet elegant!

Ingredients: 2 pieces

Sponge cake
as needed
Heavy cream
as needed
Other toppings
as desired


1. Prepare any kind of sponge cake you like. Beat the heavy cream well.
2. Cut the melon in half. It's best to cut it in half on its side.
3. Remove the seeds.
4. Scoop out the flesh, leaving about 1-2 cm around the inside of the rind. Stuff the spongecake inside.
5. Spread the heavy cream on top of the sponge cake. You can also use custard or pudding instead.
6. Top with the cut-out melon and other fruits to finish. Top with other fruits, jelly, or anything else.
7. This time, I made it with pineapple The inside is filled with the remaining cream from making roll cake plus some heavy cream and cheese custard You can make this with any fruit.
8. This time, I cut it vertically.
9. I wrapped it up for a present. It's a lot cuter this way. It's placed on top of two pieces of wax paper.
10. I filled it with melon balls.
11. Wrapping it up in plastic makes for a nice present.

Story Behind this Recipe

My local cake shop has a fresh sweet made of various fruits and it's super yummy I decided to make my own easy version at home.