Easy Sushi Flower Cups

Easy Sushi Flower Cups

How about some festive looking sushi cups for your next home party?

Ingredients: 4 small cups

Sushi rice
Uncooked white rice
1 rice cooker cup worth (180ml)
Sushi vinegar
Shiso leaves
Your preferred toppings (see the llist below for examples)
Tarako (salt cured cod or pollack roe)
30 g (1/2 a filet)
Green beans
Carrot (I cut mine into stars)
A little bit
Imitation crab sticks
As desired
Cherry tomatoes
As desired
Sashimi (salmon, bonito, sea bream, etc.)
As desired
Salmon roe
As desired
Kinshi tamago (finely shredded thin omelette)
1 teaspoon


1. Here are the small cake colds I bought at the dollar store.
2. Once you've got your cups and containers ready, the next step is to cut the veggies into your preferred shapes. If you're using broccoli or beans, make sure to have them boiled beforehand.
3. Add a dash of mirin to some eggs and cook them into a thin omelette. Julienne the omelette into very thin strips. Separate the strands of the imitation crab.
4. Slice two of the shiso leaves in half, and julienne the others.
5. Remove the salted pollack roe from its sac.
6. Prepare the sushi rice by cooking your rice a bit harder than usual. Once its cooked, mix in the sushi vinegar, distributing it evenly throughout the grains while mixing gently with a wooden spatula and cooling the rice down with a fan.
7. Place about 2/3 of the sushi rice in a moistened bowl and mix with the shredded shiso leaves. Set the remaining 1/3 off to the side.
8. Gently distribute the shiso leaves.
9. Prepare your sushi cups for filling. Lightly moisten them with a quick spritz of water.
10. Pack the regular sushi rice into the bottoms of the cups with wet fingers.
11. Place the julienned omelette strips on top of a couple, and layer the roe on the others.
12. Pack in a layer of sushi rice on both varieties. Try to even out the surfaces as best you can.
13. Place on the beans and omelette strips.
14. Add a layer of shredded imitation crab to one variety, and shiso rice to another.
15. Top with cod roe, and other ingredients as desired.
16. Roll up thin slices of sashimi into small roses and position them on your sushi cups. Decorate the roses with small "leaves" made of shiso and beans.
17. A extra cod roe placed in the center of your sashimi flowers will make them look bejeweled!
18. They should end up looking something like this.
19. Once you're done decorating your sushi cups, position them on a large plate.
20. Garnish your plate with a little bit of cod roe, and tadaa~ you're all done!
21. Here's a good look from the side.
22. Here's the same idea tried with inari.
23. It's best not to store your sushi rice in the fridge if you have a lot left over since it can easily harden, but if you absolutely must, make sure to wrap it tightly with plastic wrap. Cover the wrapping with several sheets of newspaper, keep the bundle in the fresh produce section of your fridge.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted a little extra to enjoy with my soba noodles, so I came up with these cups of sushi. They're pretty easy assemble despite their elaborate appearance.