Easy Condensed Milk Ice Candy

Easy Condensed Milk Ice Candy

Easy ice candy using condensed milk and ice bar molds. It's so easy! Please try this with your children over summer holiday.

Ingredients: 4 ice candies

Condensed milk
2 and 1/2 tablespoons
I used Recipe ID: 1297471 (Microwave for 4 minutes A Small Amount of Homemade Condensed Milk)
300 ml


1. These are the ice bar molds that I bought from 100 yen shop.
2. Place condensed milk in a bowl and add milk gradually. Stir well. I made the condensed milk myself using Recipe ID: 1297471.
3. Pour mixture into molds and chill well in the freezer – for a day if possible. Hold these molds upside down ie. stick side down - and run water over the top so that you can pull the candy out from the molds.
4. Recipe Variation: Lemon Condensed Milk Ice Candy - Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. It makes a sweet and sour yogurt flavor.
5. Recipe Variation: Adzuki beans Condensed Milk Ice Candy - Reduce milk to 250 ml and add 3 tablespoons of cooked adzuki beans.
6. Recipe Variation: Matcha and adzuki beans with condensed milk popsicles - Mix 2 teaspoons of matcha with 3 teaspoons of water and add into the above adzuki beans variation.
7. Recipe Variation: Coffee Condensed Milk Ice Candy - Mix 2 teaspoons of ground coffee and 3 teaspoons of hot water then add.
8. Recipe Variation: Jam & Condensed Milk Ice Candy - Add 2 tablespoons of jam into Recipe Arrangement 1. I used blueberry jam.
9. Recipe Variation: Cookies & Condensed Milk Ice Candy - Break cookies into small pieces and add. I used one chocolate chip cookie per bar.
10. Recipe Variation: Cocoa Condensed Milk Ice Candy - Mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and a small amount of hot water then add. Or if you make condensed milk on your own, just add straight into the warm condensed milk.
11. Recipe Variation: Caramel Condensed Milk Ice Candy - When you make homemade condensed milk, add 4 blocks of caramel candy from the first step to allow it to melt.
12. Recipe Variation: Recipe ID: 1533858. It is a very nice arrangement! Please try this recipe too.
13. Recipe Variation: Chocolate Condensed Milk Ice Candy - While the condensed milk is still warm, add 2/6 of a chocolate bar to melt. Then break 1/6 of chocolate bar into small pieces and add in the mixture later.
14. Recipe Variation: Black Sugar Molasses, Ginger & Condensed Milk Ice Candy - Mix 1 tablespoon of black sugar molasses, 2 teaspoons of ginger and 2 teaspoons of sake then add.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought the ice bar mold from the 100 yen shop.
I tried many recipes to enjoy homemade ice candy often.
This refreshing taste is my favourite.
I will attempt to make more varieties for the summer.
The warm homemade condensed milk mixes easily with cold milk.