Bonito Nigiri Sushi

Bonito Nigiri Sushi

Bonito makes fantastic nigiri sushi.

Ingredients: 15 nigiri sushi

Bonito sashimi
1 fillet
Green onions
to taste
Grated ginger
to taste
1 clove
Sushi rice (Recipe ID: 1504793)
1 cup


1. Slice the tuna diagonally at a 45° angle. At home we tend to slice our sashimi slices quite thick at maybe 5-6 mm.
2. When you've almost cut through, stand the knife up and cut at a 90° angle.
3. If you slice the sashimi like this, you'll end up with a beautiful cut like in this photo.
4. Place the bonito sashimi on some sushi rice and mould the nigiri sushi. You should be using around 15-18 g rice per sushi. Don't worry too much about getting the perfect shape, just make it how you like. A more detailed guide to cutting sashimi can be found at Recipe ID: 1504793.
5. Garnish the sushi with some green onions and grated ginger. Finish with a piece of sliced garlic that's been soaked in water.

Story Behind this Recipe

Bonito tastes really good as a nigiri sushi.