Oil-free Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Oil-free Green Tea Chiffon Cake

This is the third in my series of no oil chiffon!
This time I gave it a mature green tea flavor.
I can't get enough of the soft chiffon cake and faint aroma of the green tea .

Ingredients: One 18cm chiffon cake pan

Cake flour
95 g
5 g
90 g
60 g


1. Measure out all of the ingredients. Please put the egg yolks and egg white into separate bowls.
2. Measure the cake flour and matcha into the same bowl and mix with an egg beater.
3. Add a bit of sugar to the egg yolks (about 10 g), and mix until white.
4. Add in the milk and stir some more.
5. Add in the powdered ingredients at the same time, and gently mix until the flouriness is gone.
6. This is what it should look like after mixing. It looks like pancake mix. Heat up the oven once you get this far.
7. Whip the egg whites on high speed with a hand mixer. Do so at first without adding anything in.
8. After it has whipped up a bit, add in the remaining sugar from step 3 in over 2-3 batches, and thoroughly whip until it shines.
9. Whip the egg whites for an additional three minutes once you reach the point where you think it's good enough. Whip for an additional three minutes on a low speed after that for a proper meringue.
10. Add 1/3 of the meringue to step 6, and mix until it blends together smoothly with an egg beater.
11. Add in half of the remaining meringue, and this time scoop up the batter from the bottom to the top with a rubber spatula while turning the bowl, and fold it onto it self in a cutting manner.
12. Mix in the remaining meringue in the same manner. A nicely mixed batter will have a shine.
13. Pour the completed batter all at once into the cake pain from above, and hit the bottom of the pan 2-3 times while holding onto the center to remove the air.
14. Bake in an oven at 170-180°C for 45 minutes. Use 170°C for an oven with a strong heat, and please set it at 180°C if it is weaker.
15. The cake will crack; let the crack turn golden brown, and cover with aluminum foil if it looks like it will burn more than that.
16. Take it out of the oven immediately after baking, and flip it upside down immediately onto a bottle or mug cup to cool.
17. Cover with a plastic bag once the residual heat subsides, and it will become rich and delicious.
18. Press down on it firmly at first around the edges and center of the pan when taking it out, lift the center up, and carefully remove it from the bottom of the pan.
19. It feels really good if you can take it out cleanly. It's definitely worth a shot.
20. I topped it with dainagon adzuki beans this time.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made my beloved non-oil chiffon cake with green tea.