Easy and Delicious Mizu Yokan

Easy and Delicious Mizu Yokan

I love the cold, smooth texture of mizu yokan (chilled adzuki bean jelly). This version is quick, economical and delicious! You can make mizu yokan easily using canned cooked adzuki beans.


◎Canned cooked adzuki beans (sweetened type)
1 can (about 200 g)
200 ml
☆Powdered kanten
4 g
☆Sugar (the type of your choice)
30 g (This is for a not so sweet yokan. Please adjust the amount to taste.)
200 ml
When it's cold, increase the ☆ water but make sure the total amount ( ◎ + ☆ ) of water equals 400 ml. (See tips and Hints.)


1. The ingredients used are these (from left to right: powdered kanten, canned cooked adzuki beans, sugar) plus water. I used beet sugar.
2. The ◎ ingredients are not heated, and the ☆ are. The more water you have in ◎, the faster the yokan will cool, but if you use too much non-heated water the ingredients might set while you're still working.
3. Put all the ☆ ingredients in a pan and start heating. When it's bubbling, simmer for about 2 minutes, then turn off the heat. You have to simmer it or the kanten won't set.
4. Next, put the entire contents of the can of adzuki beans in a blender. It won't blend well on its own, so add some of the ◎ water little by little, and process.
5. Reserve some of the ◎ water. By processing the beans at this point until they're smooth, the yokan will have a silky texture.
6. Add the well pureed beans to the the pan with the kanten liquid.
7. Add the remaining ◎ water to the blender, rinse out the bean purée sticking to the sides and pour into the pan. This was the reason for reserving some of the ◎ water.
8. All the ingredients are in the pan now. They will now be poured into the mold.
9. When the mixture has cooled down enough to refrigerate, put it in the refrigerator to chill and set completely. Since the ◎ ingredients are not heated, it should cool down right away.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the season when you want to have mizu yokan. Koshi-an (smooth azuki bean paste) is expensive, and is a bother to make... I tried cutting many corners, but I've finally settled on this method and ratio of ingredients.