Chilled Pasta with Edamame Cream (Double Cream Free)

Chilled Pasta with Edamame Cream (Double Cream Free)

This sauce doesn't require any cooking. Just mix the sauce ingredients in a food processor.
On a hot day, you can make this dish very quickly.
Edamame beans are classified under green and yellow vegetables (which are high in carotenoids).

Ingredients: Serves 2 adults + 1 small child

Frozen edamame
200 g + a handful for garnish
Silken tofu
1/3 block
Soy milk
1/2 cup (or more to taste)
Powdered cheese or cream cheese (none, if you are vegan)
2 tablespoons
Grated garlic
a tiny amount
Olive oil
2 tablespoons
1/3-1/2 teaspoon
Black pepper
to taste
2 portions ore more


1. [For the pasta sauce] Pod the edamame beans and blitz with all the other ingredients (except for the pasta) in a mixer to make a smooth cream sauce.
2. Transfer the mixture into a bowl. If the sauce is too stiff, dilute with soy milk. (The texture should be like thick double cream). Chill in the fridge.
3. [Cook the pasta] Bring the water to the boil and add 1 tablespoon or more salt. When you taste the water, it should be salty.
4. Cook the pasta following the instructions on the package. Drain in a colander and rinse with running water. After cooling, transfer the pasta into a bowl of ice water and chill well.
5. Drain the pasta well. Pat dry with kitchen paper for best results! (Otherwise your pasta will be watery.)
6. MIx the pasta with the chilled sauce. Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with the reserved edamame beans. Drizzle with olive oil (not listed in the ingredients) and serve!
7. I put prosciutto on top. Sliced almond or dried shrimps are also nice for topping.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was craving a creamy pasta dish without any double cream or mayonnaise!
I wanted to use the frozen edamame beans that I had in the freezer and make a nutritious dish!
I was successful in creating an ultimately tasty dish.