How to Freeze Leftover Curry!!

How to Freeze Leftover Curry!!

Freeze leftover curry and transform it into another dish! I use it as a filling for curry bread.


Leftover curry
any amount


1. Divide the leftover curry into small portions on a disposable tray, or one that you don't really need.
2. Trays take up a lot of room in the freezer, so when the curry has hardened, remove it from the tray and put it in a plastic bag.
3. The bag takes up hardly any space!!
4. Curry often seeps out of the sides when making curry bread, but if you follow this recipe, you won't have that problem! Recipe ID: 1507833.

Story Behind this Recipe

When making curry, there are often small amounts left over aren't there? I think many people are probably doing this already, but I though that there might be some people out there who would find this recipe useful, so I posted the recipe.