Character Bento Pikachu Omu-rice Bento

Character Bento Pikachu Omu-rice Bento

You can make a Pikachu face with just one egg.

Ingredients: Omu-rice part

Ketchup rice
About one rice bowl
Easily melting cheese
use as much as you like
1 tablespoon
to taste
to taste
as needed
For the twinkle of eyes


1. Combine the milk, salt, and the egg. Strain the egg mixture really well. In a skillet, make a very thin egg omelet. Place it onto plastic wrap and let it cool.
2. Set aside some ketchup flavored rice for the ears and hands. Place cheese in the center of the remaining ketchup rice and wrap in plastic wrap to make a round rice ball. Make the eyes and hands using plastic wrap also.
3. Coat the top visible part of the ketchup rice with the thin egg omelet. Wrap in plastic wrap while adjusting the shape of the face a little. Let it sit until settled.
4. Make the face parts with the nori and boiled carrot. Fill the bento box in the order of the face, other bento fillers, eyes and hands, and the other parts of the face and it is done. Make a twinkle in each eye with a small amount of mayonnaise.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make Pikachu with just one egg.