Summer Chilled Soup

Summer Chilled Soup

Serve this chilled miso soup during the hot days of summer.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Dashi soup stock (※1)
2 cups
Miso (※2)
The amount you usually use to make miso soup
4 to 5
2 leaves


1. Parboil the okra in salted water and then cut into 7 mm round slices. Cut the shiso leaves in half vertically and then cut into thin strips. Rinse in water to remove any dirty areas.
2. Dissolve the miso completely in cooled dashi stock. I think it's a good idea to add the dashi to the miso soup a little at a time until the miso dissolves, and then pour into the remaining dashi.
3. Let Steps 1 and 2 chill very well in the refrigerator.
4. Float the okra and shiso in the miso soup. Optionally add in 1 ice cube to make it even more refreshing (※3).

Story Behind this Recipe

I really enjoyed the chilled miso soup I had when I stayed in a hot-spring hotel in Niigata Prefecture. I changed the toppings and uploaded this recipe (the one at the hotel had sliced cucumber and shiso).