Easy Spring Rolls with Cheese and Wieners

Easy Spring Rolls with Cheese and Wieners

Many people think making dishes like spring rolls are too troublesome. However, here you just roll and fry. So simple and delicious.

Ingredients: 10 Rolls

Spring roll wrappers
Wiener Sausage
Sliced Cheese
Enough for frying
Ketchup and Japanese mustard as you like.


1. Cut the cheese and wieners in half lengthwise.
2. Make two sets of wiener and cheese, lay them out horizontally on top of a spring roll wrapper
3. Roll the filling twice in the wrapper, then fold the left and right ends in towards the center.
4. Wrap until you have a triangle remaining. Sprinkle on a little water and wrap to finish. If you are worried about it holding, try beating a little flour into the water first to create a glue.
5. Place the finished spring roll with the sealed flap facing down.
6. When you have finished all the wrapping...
7. With the sealed side down, place the finished rolls into hot oil to fry. You don't have to use a lot of oil to fry the rolls.
8. When all the rolls have been fried to a light golden brown colour.
9. Cut the rolls into your preferred size and it's done. Eat with ketchup or Japanese mustard.

Story Behind this Recipe

Spring roll filling is a pain to make. Wondering what I should do, I looked in the freezer and found wieners and cheese, and decided to try them in spring rolls. "Hey, this is great" I thought. My husband seems to like them even better than regular spring rolls.