Bite-Sized Barley and Soy Flour Chews

Bite-Sized Barley and Soy Flour Chews

I came up with an old fashioned snack by replacing some kinako soy bean flour with barley flour. I love this snack more than when it's made with kinako powder.


Toasted barley flour
60 g
30 g
Hot water
100 ml
as needed


1. Put the honey in a heatproof dish and heat at 500 W for 30 seconds.
2. Once it begins to bubble, add all the barley flour to the honey.
3. Mix it all together, add the hot water, and bring it all together.
4. Shape into a log and cut into bite-sized pieces with a knife and put into a container with the kinako flour.
5. Cover the lid and shake them up. They're ready when coated with the kinako.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a craving for snacks made with barley flour! These are addictive.