Mama's Eel Rice Bowl

Mama's Eel Rice Bowl

We are having eel tonight. Or, so I thought, but there is not enough to go around! When that happens, I make just my portion this way. This is surprisingly good with chikuwa.

Ingredients: 1 rice bowl's worth

Eel sauce
As desired
(If you don't have sauce:)
Soy sauce
About 2 tablespoons
about 2 tablespoons
Use the same amount of soy sauce and mirin.


1. Cut into the chikuwa vertically, and open it up, score a lattice pattern in the inside.
2. Add the sauce to a frying pan, add in the chikuwa, and turn on the heat.
3. Cook the inside of the chikuwa first. It is hard to cook because it curls up, but pressing down on it with a pair of cooking chopsticks will flatten it out.
4. Flip it over, and cook the other side. You do not need to cook the chikuwa through, so it is done one it is soaked in the sauce.
5. This is after seasoning. But this is what the inside of the chikuwa should look like.
6. I had chikuwa was near its expiration date, so I seasoned it and stuck it in the freezer. I do this in 2 stages. It will not stick together if you place a cooking sheet in between.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use up leftover sauce, so I thought of this. It is a cheap meal, but it is delicious. It is convenient when making lunch for one.