Chilled 'Zunda' Pounded Edamame Paste

Chilled 'Zunda' Pounded Edamame Paste

Transform your everyday edamame into a cool and healthy dessert! Since it's soft and full of nutrients, anyone from kids to grandparents can enjoy this dish!


Edamame (boiled in salt water, and shelled)
200 g
50 g


1. Cover the shelled edamame in hot water and parboil once more on high heat while mixing with a fork. Removing the thin membrane that rise to the surface.
2. Once tender, transfer to a colander, lightly draining the boiled liquid into a pot. Do not discard the liquid.
3. A little at a time, pass the mashed edamame through a strainer. Dissolve the sugar in the remaining liquid, then add to the mashed edamame.
4. Pass the remaining liquid through a sieve, knead to your desired texture, then serve.
5. Try it with mochi dumplings, ice cream, cream puffs, etc. For the mochi dumplings, see Recipe ID: 431733.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love zunda and wanted to eat a lot, so I came up with this recipe.