Green Tea Kanten

Green Tea Kanten

It's the season when green tea is especially delicious. This recipe is really simple and refreshingly delicious.


☆ Matcha
2 teaspoons
1 heaping tablespoon
◎Granulated sugar
3~4 tablespoons
◎Kanten powder
4 g
430 ml
Your favorite toppings:
I recommend "Kinako Roasted Soybean Powder Whipped Cream ♪"
Recipe ID: 1402489
Other toppings: Amanatto, mochi balls, kuromitsu


1. Mix the ☆ matcha and water.
2. Add all the ◎ ingredients to a pot, and heat. Please make sure to use water for the kanten. After bring it to a boil, simmer for 1~2 minutes while stirring from the bottom of the pot.
3. Turn off the heat, add the matcha from Step 1, and mix very well. If you don't mix enough, the tea may sink to the bottom.
4. Transfer to a dish, and remove any bubble with a spoon or a scum-skimmer. Cool down, then chill in the refrigerator.
5. I shake the container before chilling it in the fridge to prevent the matcha tea powder from sinking to the bottom, but compared to gelatin, this may not be an issue.
6. After it has hardened, run a knife around the edges and unmold. If it's still difficult to unmold, it should come out easily if you warm the container.
7. Cut into your desired portion sizes and transfer to serving bowls. You can enjoy this delicious, subtly sweet matcha jelly on its own.
8. I used whipped kinako soy flour cream, shiratama mochi dumplings, and sugared red beans as toppings here.
9. Here I froze the kinako soy flour whipped cream in the freezer, and used it as an ice cream topping. The ice cream is "toshiebaba's" idea.
10. I added half heavy cream and half milk in this one. After making the kinako whipped, thin it out with milk. Scoop the kinako soy flour milk and green tea jelly together.
11. My family uses tearstar's brown sugar syrup recipe - Recipe ID: 1177934. "Simple Homemade Brown Sugar Syrup." It is really simple and delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat cold green tea jelly. I tried making it and it turned out really well. It matched really well with my favorite kinako whipped cream (Recipe ID: 1402489).