Tantan-spicy Ramen Noodles

Tantan-spicy Ramen Noodles

For those of you who are always away from home that you haven't tried the new way to enjoy tantan noodles!

Ingredients: 1 person

Thick Chinese-style Noodles (for tsukemen)
1 package
Soup Base:
900 ml
Chicken soup stock granules
2 tablespoons
a pinch
Umami seasoning
a small amount
Soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon
Cooking sake
1 tablespoon
Sesame oil
1/4 teaspoon
Katakuriko slurry
1 teaspoon katakuriko(heaping), 2 teaspoons water
Soup Ingredients:
1 large clove
Ground pork
100 g
Cooking sake (for the ground pork)
1 teaspoon
Beaten eggs (for the ground pork)
1 tablespoon
Hete-type chili pepper paste for making kimchi
2 tablespoons (the same as medium spice in a restaurant)


1. Add the water, chicken soup stock, salt, and umami seasoning to the soy sauce and bring it to a boil. (Reduce to a low heat after bringing to a boil). In the meantime, heat up the water you will use to boil the noodles.
2. Knead in the cooking sake (for the ground meat), and 1 tablespoon beaten egg into the ground pork, while heating up the soup. Use a spoon to mix while pressing down.
3. Add the ground pork mixture to the soup, and remove the scum over a high heat. Reduce to a medium heat after removing the scum. It will take 4 more minutes to finish the dish from here.
4. Boil the noodles. (I use 4 minute noodles.)
5. After adding in the noodles to boiling water, keep heating the soup over a medium heat and add the garlic, chili pepper, and sesame oil to the soup.
6. Heat the soup over high heat 1 minute before the noodles are done, and mix in the katakuriko slurry.
7. 30 seconds before the soup is finished, add in the beaten egg to the soup, using chopsticks to guide the egg into a narrow stream (for a fluffy finish).
8. Drain the the noodles, add the noodles to a bowl, pour in the soup, and it is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made my own recipe based off of several New tantan recipes. I was unable to eat it after moving away from Saginuma city in Kanagawa Prefecture, so I developed my own. There are times when it is more delicious than the original.