Creamy Chilled Basil Pasta with Walnuts and Cheese

Creamy Chilled Basil Pasta with Walnuts and Cheese

For the sauce, all you have to do is mix homemade pesto with heavy cream! Top with walnuts and cream cheese for a touch of sophistication. This makes a great lunch when you have guests.

Ingredients: 1 serving

100 g
Basil pesto (Recipe ID: 1460890)
2 tablespoons
Heavy cream
1 tablespoon
25 g
Cream cheese
20 g


1. Mix the basil pesto, heavy cream and walnuts together in a bowl, then refrigerate.
2. Cook the pasta in salted water for 30 seconds longer than the time indicated on the package. When cooked, run under cold water immediately to cool, then drain.
3. Mix the pasta with the refrigerated sauce. Transfer to serving dishes and garnish with 1 cm cubes of cream cheese.

Story Behind this Recipe

A sophisticated and refreshing chilled pasta dish that's perfect for hot days.