For Lunch Boxes! Egg Sheet Flower

For Lunch Boxes! Egg Sheet Flower

I made a cute flower from a thinly cooked egg sheet!
It is excellent for a lunch box!


Katakuriko slurry
a small amount
a little


1. Break an egg and beat well. Add katakuriko mixed with water and strain. Cook the egg to form a thin sheet in a frying pan and then let it cool down. Make sure the sheet is thin so that it is easy to roll.
2. Ideally the egg sheet is a rectangle around 15 cm long and 5 cm wide.
3. Cut the egg sheet to the size described in Step 2, shape, then cut ribs diagonally out from the middle. To make a better flower shape, cut out very narrow ribs like in this picture.
4. Fold in half lengthways.
5. Roll in little by little.
6. Secure the flower with pasta where you finish rolling!
7. If the ribs you cut out are narrow, then the flower should turn out like in this picture!
8. This one is made from ham.

Story Behind this Recipe

When my child was in preschool, I added this to the lunch box!