Corn Rice with the Silky Strings

Corn Rice with the Silky Strings

I used the silky string parts of corn in this corn rice recipe as they're well known for helping your body process water. They also help to reduce bloating and water retention so try making use of them instead of throwing them away like usual.

Ingredients: 2 portions of rice

White rice
2 rice cooker cups' worth (360 ml)
Ingredients A
the same amount as the rice or very slighly less
1 tablespoon
a small amount
about 5 cm
Ingredients B
Corn on the cob


1. Peel off the husk of the corn and cut the corn into 5 cm pieces. Remove the kernels from the corncob and chop the silky strings into 1 cm lengths.
2. Wash the rice and lightly mix it together with the A ingredients in a pot. Add the corn kernels, silky strings and the corncob and leave the ingredients to absorb the liquid for 30 minutes.
3. Place the pot over high heat and once the mixture has boiled turn the heat to low-medium. Cook the rice for 6-7 minutes and turn the heat back to high for the final 10 seconds. Turn off the heat.
4. Leave the rice to steam for 10 minutes then remove the corncob and kombu. Use a wooden ladle to roughly mix up the rice and corn.
5. It's ready.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found out that the silky strings that you get inside corn on the cob are good for reducing bloating so now I always add them when making rice with corn.