Garden Radish Pickled in Sweet Vinegar

Garden Radish Pickled in Sweet Vinegar

This is a pickled recipe that you prepare and let rest. It's an easy way to take in all the vinegar needed to fight the summer heat. It's a healthy side dish.


Garden radishes
as many as you like
Vinegar : Sugar
3:1 ratio
a small amount


1. Cut off the leaves and stems from the the radishes and cut in half.
2. In an air-tight container, add the radishes, vinegar, sugar, and salt. Add enough liquid to cover.
3. Wait at least a day. They are ready to eat when the radishes are pink all the way through.
4. This is how they look immediately after preparing. The top pictures is how they look after 3 days.

Story Behind this Recipe

We get a lot of radishes in our garden. This dish is mild enough for children to eat.