Simple! Okra & Nagaimo Yam Side Dish

Simple! Okra & Nagaimo Yam Side Dish

All you have to do is cut the ingredients for this simple recipe!
This goes great with alcohol and you can make it quickly - a big help when you feel you need an extra dish.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Nagaimo yam
about 7 cm long
Myoga ginger
Shredded nori
to taste
Soy sauce (or ponzu)
to taste


1. Before washing the okra, salt and scrub on a cutting board to remove the bristles. Then wash off the salt.
2. Slice the okra into small pieces. Cut the nagaimo into short strips. Cut the ginger into thin pieces. Combine together.
3. Once the ingredients are combined, pour the soy sauce, top with seaweed, and it's complete.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband who likes vegetables, drinks beer while he's waiting for dinner. This is a good dish to keep him from asking if dinner is ready yet. I needed a dish I could quickly make by just cutting the ingredients, so I came up with this.