Rich Matcha Ice Cream using Milk and Whole Egg

Rich Matcha Ice Cream using Milk and Whole Egg

I attempted to recreate true matcha ice cream that you can eat at well-established tea shops in Kyoto.


400 g
80 g
2 to 3 tablespoons


1. Put milk, sugar, and whisked egg in a pot, and heat over a low flame. Using a wooden spatula, scrape the bottom of the pot while constantly stirring without bringing it to a boil.
2. Once it thickens (to the consistency of creamed corn soup), remove from the heat.
3. Combine a small amount of the mixture from Step 2 with matcha (dissolve as you would with miso paste when making miso to avoid clumps) and add to the pot.
4. Pour though a strainer into a bowl, and freeze in the freezer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this since everyone in our family loves matcha ice cream. If you sprinkle a pinch of matcha on the ice cream before serving, it tastes even better.