Ramen Omelette

Ramen Omelette

Transform your bag of regular instant noodles into a unique omelette!

Ingredients: 4 servings

Instant ramen noodles (with soy sauce flavored)
1 bag
Canned tuna
1 can
Bean sprouts
1 bag
Chinese chives
1/3 bunch
1 tablespoon
Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon


1. Boil your ramen noodles as instructed on the packaging. Wash your bean sprouts and shake/dry off any excess water. Cut your Chinese chives into 3 cm lengths.
2. Dissolve the packaged soup powder in about half the amount of water that's called for. Mix this into a bowl of stirred eggs and mayo.
3. Grease a frying pan with vegetable oil and drop in the entire contents of one can of tuna. Add in your bean sprouts and Chinese chives, and lightly toss in the pan.
4. Throw in your cooked noodles as well and sprinkle on what's left of the powdered soup.
5. Pour in the egg mixture by encircling the noodle and bean sprouts around the edge of the pan. Then, give the contents a gentle stir. Once both sides of your omelette have browned slightly, you're all done!

Story Behind this Recipe

We only had one bag of ramen in the house, for a family of four! I decided to cook it into an omelette with the rest of the ingredients I had in the refrigerator.