Easy Foolproof Ganache Shell

Easy Foolproof Ganache Shell

Everyone can make a boutique-quality ganache easily. You need only a couple ingredients.
This is good for Valentine's Day or to make gifts for other occasions.

Ingredients: An easy to make amount (for about 20 piecies ?)

100 g
Heavy cream
50 ml
Coating Chocolate
100 g
(If you like)
Liqueur (Orange curaçao is recommended)
As needed
Decorating pen, silver dragée or etc.
As needed


1. Finely chop the coating chocolate. (Put the chocolate in a bowl over hot water to melt. (It is convenient to use store-bought coating chocolate!)
2. Scoop a little amount of the melted chocolate into silicone molds with a spoon or etc. Rotate to apply a thin coat evenly.
3. Rest in a cool place to harden. Keep the extra chocolate because you need it later.
4. Chop 100 g of chocolate. Heat heavy cream in a small pan until just before boiling.
5. Add the chopped chocolate to the heated heavy cream. Stir and melt the chocolate completely. If it doesn't melt enough, put the mixture in a bowl over hot water to melt.
6. Add the mixture to the mold filling about 90% full. Tap the mold on the table to smooth out the surface.
7. Add the extra coating chocolate you saved at Step 3 and fill to the top. Smooth out the surface, and cool to harden.
8. Take out of the mold once the inside hardens! You've made beautiful chocolates that are crispy outside and smooth inside.
9. If you want to add liqueur, pour into the completely melted chocolate at Step 5. Add liqueur gradually teaspoon by teaspoon, and mix well.
10. I used silicone molds sold at the 100 yen shop. They sell heart, star, oval, round and square shaped molds.
11. Draw a pattern with a decorating pen in different colors before Step 2 if you like. The chocolates will look cuter.
12. Like these!!
13. They are made in rose shaped molds. The recipe is same.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found silicone molds for chocolate were sold at a 100 yen shop, so I made this ganache.