Tandoori Chicken with Curry Powder

Tandoori Chicken with Curry Powder

This is a simple chicken tandoori recipe that uses curry powder. The chicken breast is marinated in yogurt for extra tenderness.


Chicken breast meat
500 g
Paprika powder
as needed (optional)
200 ml
Curry powder
3 tablespoons
2 teaspoons
Garlic (finely chopped)
1 clove
Ginger (finely chopped)


1. Mix the [A] ingredients together well.
2. Pierce the breast meat several times with a fork. This will help the spices permeate the meat better.
3. Add the mixture from step 1 and the chicken to a plastic bag, get rid of any excess air and seal the bag.
4. Lightly rub the meat over the plastic bag and leave to rest in the refrigerator for a whole day.
5. Place the chicken on a lightly oiled baking tray.
6. If you want to make a red tandoori chicken like you get in Indian restaurants, simply sprinkle over some paprika and blend it into the marinade sauce on the surface.
7. Bake for 30 minutes in the oven at 200°C. When the outside of the meat is well-browned then it's done.
8. Try squeezing some lemon juice over the top to taste.
9. Slice thinly for tandoori chicken ham.
10. I made a sandwich with the thinly sliced tandoori chicken with sliced onion. It's very delicious. I spread a little mayonnaise on bread.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I have a lot of time like in winter, I make tandoori chicken using a mix of spices, but I substitute them with curry powder when I'm busy.