Easy Pizza with Pancake Mix & Tofu

Easy Pizza with Pancake Mix & Tofu

This slightly sweet pizza crust is made with pancake mix and tofu.
I'll explain how to make both chewy and crispy pizza crusts. Kids will love this flavor.

Ingredients: two 20 cm round pies or 1 baking tray

Pizza Crust
Pancake mix
200 g
Silken tofu
150 g
a pinch
Flour for dusting
as needed
Pizza sauce
to taste
Fillings of your choice
to taste
Melting cheese
to taste


1. [Preparing the crust] Without draining the tofu, add it to a bowl and use a whisk or spatula to break it up. Mix in the pancake mix.
2. Crust Number 1: If making chewy and fluffy crust, bake the crust in the oven.
3. In the case of placing the toppings directly onto the crust, use the full amount. Line an oven-safe tray with parchment paper, roll out the dough evenly, and add the toppings.
4. Bake for 15 minutes in a 250℃ oven. If it seems too raw, continue baking for another 5 minutes while keeping your eye on it.
5. Crust Number 2: If making a crispy crust, first bake the crust in a frying pan and then add the toppings.
6. Dust the dough with flour and divide in half. Spread it out thinly and lightly brown both sides in a frying pan.
7. Place the baked dough on an oven-safe tray and spread with pizza sauce. Top with your choice of toppings and sprinkle with cheese.
8. Bake for 10 minutes in a 250℃ oven. You can cook some frozen french fries in the empty spaces of the tray at the same time.

Story Behind this Recipe

Here's a recipe that shows how to make naan bread with pancake mix. Recipe ID: 1176687. That's what I used to make this pizza dough.
I used canned tomatoes for the pizza sauce. This is easily made and you can choose your own toppings.