Cheap, Easy and Cute Temari Sushi

Cheap, Easy and Cute Temari Sushi

These sushi are inexpensive because the ingredients are all ones that you can find in your fridge, but they are still cute. These are easy enough for even children to make!


Sushi rice
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
Sashimi (tuna, squid, etc)
as needed
Canned salmon or sashimi grade salmon
as needed
Corn mixed with mayonnaise
as needed
Tuna mixed with mayonnaise
as needed
Any leftovers in your fridge
as needed
Uncooked spaghetti
1 strand uncooked
Salmon roe or flying fish roe (optional)
as needed


1. Make about 3 thin omelets in a tamagoyaki frying pan. Slice into four long, thin strips.
2. Slice the cucumber with a vegetable peeler. (This will be used to wrap around the sushi.) Slice about 2/3 of the cucumber this way, then roughly chop the rest into small pieces. (This will be used as a topping.)
3. Roughly chop the sushi toppings, as well as any leftovers in the fridge that you'll be using, into small pieces. I used fish sausage and ginger pork.
4. Shape the sushi rice into balls.
5. Wrap the egg, cucumber and nori seaweed around the pressed sushi. Secure the egg with the spaghetti strand.
6. Top the sushi from Step 5 with the toppings, and you're done. Top them with around 3 different ingredients each, but take care not to overlap them and hide the many colours.
7. If you curl thinly sliced cucumber and salmon sashimi, they'll become flowers!

Story Behind this Recipe

This is my family's recipe for celebratory occasions.