Empanada (Dough)

Empanada (Dough)

My friend from Bolivia taught me this recipe! I posted it here, so that I wouldn't forget it!


◆Plain flour
1 kg
◆Olive oil (or vegetable oil)
100 ml
☆Lukewarm water
400 ml
1.5 teaspoons
4 tablespoons


1. Combine the ☆ ingredients and set it aside until it becomes salty-sweet.
2. Combine the ◆ ingredients in a large bowl and knead.
3. Gradually knead Step 1 into Step 2. (350 ml lukewarm water will probably be just the right amount.)
4. Form into 4-5 cm round balls and cover with a cloth to prevent them from drying out. This completes the empanada dough.
5. Flatten out each ball of dough from Step 4. Wrap around filling (Recipe ID: 1464382) or cheese, fry them, and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

My friend taught me this, so I posted it so that I wouldn't forget it...