Grilled Pork with Fish Sauce

Grilled Pork with Fish Sauce

Just marinate pork in fish sauce and cook on a grill. It's like salt-cooked pork but with a more complex umami flavor.

Ingredients: About 10 slices

A block of pork (belly or roast)
about 250 g
Fish sauce
2 tablespoons
Lemon, wasabi, black pepper
To taste


1. Put the pork and fish sauce in a plastic bag, and eliminate as much air as possible. Put the closed bag on a plate to catch any leaks, and marinate in the refrigerator. Turn it over once a day.
2. This is how it looks after marinating for one week, when it's perfect.
3. Take the pork out of the bag and wash off the surface lightly. When you slice the meat, the inside will be a bright pink, which is the sign that the meat has properly matured. Cut into 8 mm thick slices.
4. Line the slices on an oven grill pan, and cook for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, watch the meat so that it doesn't get burned.
5. The cooked pork will have lost an amazing amount of fat, and be crispy and juicy. Please ignore the onion in the photo.
6. Sprinkle on a bit of lemon juice and enjoy.
7. It's also great with a little wasabi. I recommend it! Yuzu pepper paste is too salty and counteracts the taste of the fish sauce, so I don't recommend it.
8. Try it with lots of lemon and black pepper! The example shown here was cooked on a grill under high heat.
9. If you live in Japan and use a fish grill, you can cook with that as well. Our grill has a single heat source, so I need to turn it over once. Cook both sides until crispy.
10. I tried using pork shoulder too. Belly is good, but roast works well also.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love shio-buta (salt-cured pork), but adjusting the amount of salt is difficult. So I tried using nam pla for the marinade, and it went very well and the result was delicious.