Stewed Eggplants and Shishito Green Peppers

Stewed Eggplants and Shishito Green Peppers

Delicious soft and tender simmered eggplants! Serve either hot or chilled.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Shishito green peppers
★ Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
★ Mirin
1 tablespoon
★ Dashi (Japanese soup stock)
250 ml
Sesame oil
A small amount


1. Cut the eggplants in half lengthwise, make shallow cuts in a lattice pattern on the skins, and cut into 5 cm pieces. Remove the stems from the shishito peppers.
2. Heat some sesame oil in pan, add the eggplants and shishito peppers, and stir fry.
3. When the oil is well distributed, add the ★ ingredients and set an otoshibuta (small wooden drop-lid) on top, and simmer over low heat until the eggplant is tender.
4. I also recommend adding slices of red chili pepper or finely cut konbu seaweed and simmering them together.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a perfect recipe for the summer when eggplants are cheap. I have always loved them flavored slightly sweet. Sometimes, I add red chili peppers.