Game Character Cake: Inazuma Eleven's Motoyama Hiroto

Game Character Cake: Inazuma Eleven's Motoyama Hiroto

This is an Inazuma Eleven Motoyama Hiroto character cake.
Make it for the birthday of a kid who likes soccer.


Your favorite cake
Character tracing paper
1 sheet
Chocolate bar
Jam (according to the colors you will use)
Several different types
Food Coloring powder
As needed
Heavy cream
as needed
Fruit etc.
As needed


1. Prepare your favorite cake. Cover the surface thickly with heavy cream
2. Prepare the character sheet by cutting it to the size of the cake. Place an oven sheet on top of the stencil sheet, and secure it with tape so that it doesn't move.
3. Finely break up a chocolate bar, place into a pastry bag, tightly squeeze the tip, and melt the chocolate in a hot water bath. (Make sure water doesn't get inside!!)
4. Cut the tip of the pastry bag a bit, trace the stencil sheet without smashing the fine points! Draw the larger parts thickly so that it doesn't bend.
5. Place Step 4 into a flat shallow dish etc. and let harden well in the fridge.
6. Prepare the jam. If you have jam that you want to use then just use that, but if you don't then add food coloring powder to a thinly colored jam. Strain the jam.
7. This time, skin color = apple jam + a small amount of red food coloring, red = strawberry jam + yellow good coloring, and blue = apple jam + blue food coloring.
8. After Step 5 has hardened, be careful not to fold it and remove the sheet, then place it on top of the cake.
9. Use the tip of a small spoon to color in-between the chocolate lines. After filling in the detailed parts with a spoon, spread it out with a toothpick.
10. After coloring it all in, the character is complete Decorate it with fruit and heavy cream, and it's done .

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a birthday cake I made upon request of a friend The color is more vibrant than character chocolate, and is easy to cut so I have been making characters a lot in this way recently.