Mushroom and Bacon Cheese Cream Pasta

Mushroom and Bacon Cheese Cream Pasta

Pasta with a thick cream sauce and plenty of mushrooms and bacon. You can freely modify the ingredients as you like.

Ingredients: Serves 1

100 g
Mushrooms (shimeji, etc)
100 g
30 g
1 clove
Heavy cream
50 ml
Grated cheese
about 1 tablespoon
Olive oil
1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper
a small amount
Parsley (garnish)
as desired


1. Mince the garlic. Slice the stems off the mushrooms and shred. Cut the bacon into 1cm thick.
2. Heat olive oil, bacon, and garlic in a pan on low heat. In a separate pan, boil water and salt (not listed) and add the pasta.
3. When the bacon gets a nice cooked color (just before it becomes crispy) add the mushrooms and fry until wilted.
4. Add 2 tablespoons of the pasta water (not listed) and the heavy cream, and boil for a minute or two. (Be careful not to over-boil.)
5. Add the boiled pasta to the pan and toss with the sauce. Add powdered cheese, salt, and pepper to taste.
6. Add to a plate and sprinkle minced parsley on top as desired and you're finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

I really like creamy pasta.