Marbled Matcha Muffins

Marbled Matcha Muffins

These are pretty marbled muffins with beautiful green matcha. With this recipe, you can make a marble pattern very easily!

Ingredients: 6-8 muffins

60 g
55 g
●Cake flour
100 g
●Baking powder
3 g
4 g
Vegetable oil
35 g
30 g


1. Combine the butter and sugar in a bowl and mix until they turn white. (If they are too dry to mix, add the vegetable oil little by little.)
2. Add the egg and vegetable oil and mix.
3. Sift the ● ingredients. Add milk and dry ingredients alternately in 2 batches to Step 2, and mix. The plain muffin batter is done.
4. Pour half of the batter from Step 3 into a different bowl, add the matcha and mix well.
5. Pour the plain batter evenly into the molds.
6. Pour the matcha batter on top.
7. Make a marble pattern with a bamboo skewer or spoon. Bake for about 25 minutes at 170°C.
8. They are done!
9. When you break it, it looks like this. It has a pretty marble pattern inside.

Story Behind this Recipe

Muffins can be quite heavy if you make them with matcha only. So I made marbled muffins to make them lighter and more stylish.