All-Purpose Sauce: Better than Mentsuyu

All-Purpose Sauce: Better than Mentsuyu

All-purpose sauce that can be made really easily and used for simmering or dipping noodles.


Soy sauce
2 cups (400 ml)
1 cup (200 ml)
1 cup (200 ml)
Sugar (or honey or maple syrup)
3 tablespoons
Bonito dashi stock
1 teaspoon


1. Heat sake and mirin in a saucepan.
2. 1 minute after it comes to the boil, add sugar (I use maple syrup or honey) and mix well with a rubber spatula. Stop the heat when the sugar is melted.
3. Add soy sauce and bonito dashi stock. Let it cool down and pour it into a container.
4. When you want to use this sauce for dipping noodles, make it thin according to your taste. You can easily use this sauce for simmering too. If you want to make it sweeter or fragrant, add some more to your taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I don't like the mentsuyu noodle dipping sauce sold in store. Though lots of Japanese dishes use sauces with dashi, others don't, so to keep things simple, I came up with something in between.