Spongecake (Pâte à Génoise)

Spongecake (Pâte à Génoise)

Fluffy and moist, this sponge cake is delicious. This delicious spongecake will play a starring role in your decorated cakes.

Ingredients: Makes a 15 cm round cake (or an 18 cm round cake)

Whole eggs
2 (3)
85 g (115 g)
Cake flour
75 g (100 g)
30 g (40 g)
20 g (25 g)


1. Line a cake pan with parchment paper. I always cut a sheet of parchment paper to fit the pan. Separate the egg yolks and egg whites.
2. Put egg whites in a bowl and add the sugar a little bit at a time, mixing on high speed. If you don't add the sugar little by little, the egg whites won't whip right.
3. Beat until stiff peaks form.
4. Add egg yolks and mix lightly on low speed. Switch to a rubber spatula and lightly fold in the yolks.
5. Sift the cake flour and, in 4 or 5 batches, fold in. Add each batch of flour before the previous batch of flour is completely folded in.
6. Combine milk and butter and microwave for 1 minute. Add a little bit of the cake batter and mix.
7. Add the mixture from Step 6 to the cake batter and mix well with a rubber spatula.
8. Mix until the batter forms a thick ribbon when you lift the spatula.
9. Pour the batter into the cake pan. Rap the pan on the counter 3 times to remove air bubbles. The photo shows a square cake pan.
10. Bake for about 30 minutes in a 340°F/170°C oven. Use this cooking time only as a reference and adjust to your own oven.
11. It's done baking when a toothpick inserted in the cake comes out clean.
12. Make sure to flip the cake over to cool. To keep it from drying out, cover the top with plastic wrap.
13. After it has completely cooled, slice to any thickness you need and use to make a beautiful cake.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I've been making this spongecake for a long time. It's so fluffy and moist - I love it.