Pacific Saury (or Mackerel) with a Spicy Sauce - An Elegant Light-Colored Dish Using Shiro-Dashi

Pacific Saury (or Mackerel) with a Spicy Sauce - An Elegant Light-Colored Dish Using Shiro-Dashi

This is a marinated deep-fried dish with a spicy Nanban Sauce, with lots of colorful vegetables and flavor! This vinegary dish is so refreshing after a hard-working day It can also be made in advance to serve to guests!


Pacific Saury or Mackerel
4 (If using mackerel, 6-8)
1 medium
Green peppers
Sweet Peppers (any color)
5 cm
Salt and pepper
a small amount
Plain flour
as needed
(Nanban Vinegar Sauce)
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
Shiro Dashi
3 tablespoons
3 tablespoons
2 tablespoons


1. Thinly slice the onion, peel the carrot and cut into thin strips. Also slice the green and colorful peppers into thin strips. (I used 1/2 red onion and 1/2 white onion this time.)
2. (Nanban Vinegar Sauce) Put all of the nanban sauce ingredients into a pot and turn on the heat. Once it begins to boil, stop the heat.
3. Place half of the cut vegetables into a flat pan or tray. Pour on 1/3 of the nanban vinegar sauce. Chill the remaining 2/3 of the sauce.
4. Filet the saury or mackerel into 3 slices and use scissors to cut into bite-sized pieces. (It's easy if you buy fish that are already de-boned and opened)
5. Dry off the excess moisture from the fish and lightly season both sides with salt and pepper. Coat the fish with flour. Heat a large amount of oil in the frying pan. Shake off the excess powder from the fish and line them in the pan to fry.
6. Once both sides have crisply browned, lightly wipe off the excess oil and place onto Step 3 while still hot. (If you can't fry all of the fish in one go, you can divide into 2 batches)
7. Cover the fish with the remaining vegetables and pour over the remaining sauce. Tilt the tray so that the sauce can coat everything completely. Chill in the refrigerator for several hours to allow the flavors to blend in thoroughly and then it's done.
8. I used this shiro-dashi which is a 1:7 ratio with udon sauce. The concentration differs depending on the brand, so adjust accordingly.

Story Behind this Recipe

If you use shiro-dashi, it will create a lighter color for a beautiful result. I also tried making it with light soy sauce. It's similar to a non-oil marinade? That's the image.