Farmhouse Recipe: Crispy Potatoes and Cheese Pancake

Farmhouse Recipe: Crispy Potatoes and Cheese Pancake

An appetizer with crispy cheese and thinly slices potato. The parts with the potato are really chewy and delicious.


Pizza cheese
50 g
Potato (small)


1. Spread the cheese in a circle on a non-stick frying pan. (Don't turn on the heat yet.)
2. Turn the heat on to low.
3. When the cheese has started to exude oil, layer on the thinly sliced potato, taking care not to let the slices overlap.
4. When the cheese is golden brown turn off the heat. Cool the bottom of the frying pan by placing it for a second on a moistened and wrung out kitchen towel.
5. Once the pan has cooled you can flip the pancake over. Cook the potato side over low heat for about 2 minutes, and it's done.
6. It's soft when it's hot, but becomes crispy when cool.
7. The crispy edges of rich cheese are so tasty!

Story Behind this Recipe

I pan fry cheese until it's crispy in a frying pan and top it with various things to serve as a drinking appetizer. When I tried topping it with new potato slices, it was chewy and delicious. I make this quite often.