Elmo and Cookie Monster Charaben

Elmo and Cookie Monster Charaben

Even charaben beginners can make these easy Elmo and Cookie Monster shaped onigiri (rice balls).


Hot cooked white rice
use as much as you like
Decofuri (red and purple)
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
Small candy-shaped cheese (or kamagoko)
2 pieces
Boiled carrot
1 slice
Long thin pasta
1 strand


1. Wrap the rice in plastic wrap to make round onigiri (rice balls).
2. Cover the surface with the "decofuri" coloring furikake. Cover with the plastic wrap again to make the furikake adhere to the rice.
3. If the "decofuri" furikake is not adhering and melting on the surface of the rice, microwave the rice balls for 10 to 20 seconds.
4. Slice the candy-shaped cheese about 5 mm thick. Secure them onto the rice ball as the eyes using pieces of thin pasta.
5. If the cheese pieces don't match in size, cut them out with a small cutter.
6. Cut an oval shape out of the slice of boiled carrot to use as Elmo's nose. Fix them onto the rice ball using a piece of pasta as with the eyes.
7. Cut out the eyes and mouths from nori seaweed and stick them on to finish. If you give the top part of Elmo's mouth a ragged edge, it will be more Elmo-like.

Story Behind this Recipe

My son requested these.