Deluxe Kamaboko Flowers

Deluxe Kamaboko Flowers

These are flowers made with kamaboko. This is the deluxe version using a vegetable peeler. I tried presenting them with sliced cucumber and leaves for the picture.


as needed
as needed


1. Thinly slice the kamaboko and cucumber. It looks pretty if you slice the kamaboko so that each slice contains both colours.
2. Curl the cucumber around itself and tuck one end of the cucumber into a fold to allow it to stand on its own.
3. Curl the kamaboko around itself, shape it into a flower, then set it inside two of the curled cucumbers.
4. Place them on a plate, and you're finished. Today I decorated them with wasabi leaves.
5. I tried adding user "Ichigobabiko's" recipe "Vivid Carrot Ribbon Flowers" Recipe ID: 1377331

Story Behind this Recipe

These are flowers made from kamaboko that has been thinly sliced with a vegetable peeler. Using thinly-sliced cucumber adds a little extra touch.