DIY Flour-Free Panko from Rice Bread

DIY Flour-Free Panko from Rice Bread

I can't use store-bought panko as I have wheat allergies. If you have rice bread and a food mill, you can easily make this DIY rice panko!


100% rice flour bread
About 3 slices (adjust the amount to fit the size of your food mill)
Food mill


1. Put the rice bread slices into the fridge to chill. Be sure to properly chill them! (This is key).
2. Tear up the dough while it's still cold into small pieces. Put it in your food mill and pulverize it (I recommend cutting them thinly).
3. After turning them into crumbs, they should look like this. Now they are done (Grind until you reach your desired fineness).
4. It's convenient if you make a large amount and store it in your freezer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've tried making this a bunch of different ways, but this one was the best since there is no way to mess it up!