An-mitsu with Panda Shiratama Mochi Dumplings

An-mitsu with Panda Shiratama Mochi Dumplings

This is a cooling dessert that combines matcha kanten jelly with soft and smooth shiratama mochi dumplings.

Ingredients: 3-4 servings

Matcha kanten jelly
300 ml
Powdered kanten
1.5 g
Granulated sugar
75 g
5 g
Panda-shaped shiratama mochi dumplings
50 g
45-50 ml
Cocoa / Matcha / Strawberry powder
as needed
as needed
-Kuromitsu (commercial)
as needed
-Seasonal fruits
as needed


1. First prepare the matcha kanten jelly. Shake in the powdered kanten into the water, and let it soak.
2. Mix in sifted matcha into the granulated sugar.
3. Heat Step 1 to dissolve the kanten.
4. Add in the matcha sugar mixture from Step 2. Once it starts to simmer again and the sugar melts, remove from the heat.
5. Pour the mixture in a mold and let chill to set.
6. Cut into bite-sized pieces. (I used a cutter shaped like bamboo leaves for the cut-outs in this photo.) The water content in kanten easily separates from the rest of ingredients, so try to cut them just before serving.
7. Now prepare the shiratama pandas. Add water to the shiratamako and knead well until the dough is as soft as your earlobe.
8. Divide into three portions. Take a smaller portion out of each of the three, then mix in cocoa, matcha, and strawberry powder.
9. Divide each of the three plain shiratama dough portions into six, and shape into circular discs.
10. Shape the nose, ears, and eyes with the dough mixed with cocoa, strawberry, and matcha powders.
11. This is how they should look.
12. Boil some water in a ;ot, and drop your pandas in. Once they float up to the surface, wait another 1-2 minutes before taking them out.
13. If you use a spatula, you'll be able to lift them up nicely.
14. After they've boiled, place them into a cold water bath. Strain, and drain the excess water.
15. Portion out the tsubu-an and fruits into a small plate or bowl, position the pandas, and pour the kuromitsu on top.
16. Here's a recipe for Chilled Dessert "Doggie Mochi Balls in Anko Soup" (Recipe ID: 1488552) that uses powdered koshi-an for a quick way to prepare the sweetened soup base. I hope you take a look!
17. This is a recipe that shows you how to make shiratama dumplings shaped like raccoon dogs (Recipe ID: 1525003). They're topped on a frozen matcha dessert.

Story Behind this Recipe

Here's the third recipe in my panda series. This one's perfect for hot summers.