Smooth Caramel Pudding

Smooth Caramel Pudding

This is the caramel version of my smooth pudding recipe. It's smooth and creamy. Caramel goes with anything. I made both by baking and by steaming.

Ingredients: 6 bottles worth

300 g
60 g
Whole egg
Egg yolk
40 g
2 teaspoons
Heavy cream
100 g


1. Make the caramel. Add 40 g of sugar and 1 teaspoon of water to a pot and heat. Slightly warm the heavy cream in the microwave and set aside.
2. Once it's reached your desired color, stop the heat and add the remaining teaspoon of water. If it burns, it'll become bitter so be careful.
3. Add heavy cream a bit at a time, mixing to make it smooth.
4. Add milk and 60 g of sugar and turn on the heat again. Once the sugar has melted and the mixture is mixed together, remove from the heat.
5. In a bowl, add the whole eggs and egg yolks, and use a whisk to beat.
6. Add the mixture from Step 4 a bit at a time. After mixing, pass it through a strainer at least once.
7. Evenly pour into the containers. Use whatever container you like.
8. Baked pudding - Place in a deep pan, and add enough water to come up to half of the bottles' height.
9. Bake in the oven at 150℃ for 35 to 40 minutes. It's finished baking if you give the bottle a shake and the top lightly jiggles and makes a wave.
10. Steamed pudding - top each bottle with aluminum foil.
11. Place the bottles in a pot, and add enough water to come up to half the bottles' height. Cover the pot with a lid and steam on low for 8 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow to sit in residual heat for 10 minutes.
12. And it's complete. The center is soft and smooth and really delicious.
13. This is the original smooth pudding. Recipe ID: 1442246

Story Behind this Recipe

I added caramel flavor to my usual pudding.