Making Sausage Bread

Making Sausage Bread

This is just another cute way of making sausage bread. This is easy to make and it's impossible to fail. (There is a picture to the left side)

Ingredients: However many you'd like

Whatever bread dough and sausages you would like.


1. Long sausages might be a good idea. Roll out the dough slightly longer than the sausage.
2. Wrap in the sausage and tightly close the seal.
3. Roll over a light dusting of flour so the flour blends in.
4. Using a kitchen knife, cut notches down to the top of the sausage. The sausage becomes the foundation, so it's easier to cut.
5. Bake them for as long as you'd like.

Story Behind this Recipe

Every time I've made these, they turn out plump and light, so don't worry. It's really hard to mess this up.