Super Mario Chain Chomp Bento

Super Mario Chain Chomp Bento

I made an easy character bento even easier.


Hot plain cooked rice
1 rice bowl's worth
Nori seaweed (also shredded nori if you have it)
as needed
a small amount
Fillings of your choice


1. Make a round rice ball, adding any fillings you like.
2. You need the nori to be attached cleanly at the mouth so if the edge becomes rough, cut it clean and then stick it on.
3. Add another piece of nori to make an open mouth. I covered the entire back with ripped nori.
4. Stick on store-bought shredded nori using tweezers. Cut off the unneeded parts with scissors and make the jagged teeth.
5. It should be stuck on like this.
6. For the whites of the eyes, cut circles out of the cheese. For the pupils, use a hole punch on the nori. For the shine in the eyes, cut out the cheese with a straw.
7. Put into the bento box with side dishes. I also have an easy recipe for a Bullet Bill bento. Recipe ID: 1443808.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made it because my children love this Mario character.